Our main profile, is to be dealers of carbon and stainless steel, in local and international markets, importing or exporting all the variety of products and formats requested by our customers.

We have an experience of more than 30 years in the market of Chile and 10 years as dealer in the commerce with Korea, Turkey, China, Brazil and other countries of the Region.

Our objective, is to always find for our clients, the best option of quality, price and delivery, that allows them to benefit from our outpost position in this market.

Our mission is and will always be to give the best service , based in the 3 angular pieces of the commerce: Quality, Price, Delivery and Service.

We understand that Confidence, is a business necessity, that forces us to be extremely careful in the quality of our services.

We are proud of being a Service of outpost, that worries about the quality of products and in addition to give the confidence of a professional and reliable partner.

For many years, we have commercially represent well known international companies, such as INTACTA and ARMCO in Brazil, COLAKOGLU in Turkey, DOSCO in USA and Korea, and in addition also maintain a wide commercial cooperation with prestigious traders around the world.

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